Animal Carvings

Mini Carvings

Mini Carvings

Mushroom Mouse
( 0435 )

A hand carved mushroom with a little mouse sitting on top! 

Hand carved from Parasite wood, so each one will be different.

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Mouse Apple
( 0538 )

A hand carved mouse sitting on an apple.

Each piece will vary from the photo shown.

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( 2928 )

A decidedly prettier and less slimy snail, guaranteed not to eat your vegetables or munch its way through your well tended and much loved garden! 

These cute little items are hand crafted and therefore vary slightly in colour, grain and size.

*Please note - price reflects 1 snail 

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Frog Lilly
( 4575 )

A lovely hand carved frog on a Lilly pad. Quite an unusual parasite wood, with distinctive colourations so absolutely unique. Please be aware of this when ordering, as the item received will vary from the picture shown.

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Elephant 20
( 4660/Eli20 )

This beautiful lifelike Elephant is hand carved, and a great size for some impact without actually being the 'elephant in the room' Indevidually carved, as with most of our items it gives it a unique one of a kind touch.  ** us via email regarding a price for delivery before checking out this item, or collection from our store can be arranged also**

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