Important Information

Some things you should know....

Here's some important information that covers all aspects of our business.


We make a very concious effort, and are aware of our 'carbon footprint', and as best as we can try to minimalise our impact on the environment. In doing so:

  • We only use recycled paper bags for your purchases, so they come in a variation of wild and whacky designs and colours. 
  • Our packaging, i.e. cardboard boxes, packing materials etc that are used to post your items; will inevitably have been used once before. No fancy packaging from us we're afraid! But, this does not mean that your items won't arrive to you in great condition and properly protected.
  • We of course, recycle as much materials used on the premises including cardboard, and your everyday general waste. 

Our Natural Products

As our name suggests, we deal primarily in woodcraft. When buying items from us, though it may seem like common sense we still (only sometimes) have to remind people that:

  • Each of our wood items will be completely hand made, or hand finished and therefore is unlikely to match its predecesor exactly. Variations will include, size, wood type, colour and grain.

Whilst we think this is a great way of giving you a completely unique gift, please be aware of this whilst purchasing as although we go to great lengths to ensure that when buying a set; and or multiple items that each item is as similar as possible, we'd hate for you to be disapointed.

Trading Fairly

We work very hard, and are proud to maintain this working ethic. Our produce is designed on site, sourced personally and purchased FAIRLY from a small selection of trusted crafts people in Indonesia, some of whom we have worked with for many a decade. 

We ship in our goodies once a year, usually in February which gives us time to prepare it all ready for what we always hope will be a busy year ahead. 

In doing this, trading fairly, minimal shipping and sourcing personally we're able to:

  • Ensure that all the crafts people and friends involved in creating our produce receive the price they request for their wares, enabling them in turn to employ and pay their small family co-operatives.
  • We in turn, are then able to offer you the products at a fair price since we haven't had to pay a company to do the hard work for us.
  • We employ a small team of workers on site, all of whom are fortunate enough to remain employed in the winter months, which is no mean fete in a small village remaining almost solely reliant on tourism. 

Win, win!