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What We Do

Trading Fairly

To ensure that all our products are sourced responsibility we travel to Indonesia each year to buy our stock directly, visiting the craftspeople and trading with the local artisans. All the products that we offer to you here today are created by artists whom we know and trust, many of them from small family co-operatives and over the years we have developed good friendships with them, their families and neighbours. The products are then shipped directly from the Artisans to our shop.

We take many of our own designs for them to adapt and they are always excited to extend the range of products they are producing.  Together we work on the ideas, combining their traditional skills with our western influences and arrive at a mutually pleasing piece.  We are careful to always respect their heritage and beliefs, many of which shape the way in which they work today.

The environment which we live and work within is very important to us and in all aspects of our business we are continually working to minimise our environmental impact.  This is a belief also held by our partners in overseas. Most of our colleagues in Indonesia live by a strict Hindu faith, they believe the universe to be a divine creation and all people should use the world unselfishly in order to maintain the natural balance.

We respect these principles by always trading fairly. We never under cut prices and always pay the asking price for high quality. As we trade directly with trusted crafts people we are confident all money goes directly to them, their workers and their families. There is no middle man or agent to cut into their profit.

Due to the close relationship we have visited work areas ourselves and always ensure we are happy with the working conditions and environment. Some of our suppliers use workers from outside of the family group to help complete orders, any out workers will always be local friends and helps to share the money generated from orders throughout the village.