Hand Crafted Animals

Hand Crafted Animals

Are you looking for unique, hand crafted animals? Then you’ve found just the right place. Here at Beddgelert Woodcraft, we’ve been sourcing stunning hand crafted animals for years. Our animal-themed wooden carvings are famous all over the country for their unique beauty and appeal.

Meticulously Hand Crafted Animals, Famous Nationwide

At Beddgelert Woodcraft, our mission is to provide you with the widest selection of hand crafted animals in the country. We stock an enormous variety of carvings, from birds to doorstops to dragons to Buddhas. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a gift for somebody you love or something special just for you, we’ve got you covered.

As an ethical business, we make sure that our all our products are manufactured under acceptable conditions. We don’t just order our products online: we actually go and visit the artisans themselves in Indonesia every year to buy stock directly.

We also work closely with artisans at every stage of the handcrafting process, combining designs that complement their traditional skills with western influences. The end result is something extraordinary, and very unique.

Our Handcrafted Animals Collection

Are you an animal lover? Would you like something totally unique for your home or as a gift? Then look no further than our stunning, handcrafted animals.

We have all sorts of adorable carvings for you to choose from. How about a mouse sitting atop a mushroom? What about a hand carved hare, peacefully slumbering on your mantelpiece or wooden snails, slowly snaking their way across your garden?

At our shop in Beddgelert, Snowdonia, we have all of these beautiful, hand crafted animals and much, much more. Many of our carvings are life size, including our stunning hand carved native birds.

Why Choose Us?

We Trade Fairly And Ethically

At Beddgelert, we’re committed to fair trade. As a result, all our products are purchased from selected artisans in Indonesia at a fair price. We personally ensure that all the craftspeople we work with receive all the money we pay them and that it doesn’t go to agents or managers.

We’re Environmentally Friendly

Not only are our products sustainably sourced, but we’re also an environmentally friendly business. We only use recycled paper bags for your purchases (with some pretty crazy designs!) and cardboard packing materials. No plastics or anything else nasty for the environment.

Incredible Choice Of Carved Animals

Everybody has their favorite animal? For some, it’s birds, others horses. Whatever your favorite, you'll find something you’ll love at our store. Our hand carved animals are famous all over the country and, more importantly, don’t require feeding!

Get Something Truly Unique

When you buy an ornament, you want something that is truly unique. By choosing one of our hand crafted animals, that’s exactly what you get. Each animal is lovingly crafted by skilled craftsmen and women from a whole piece of wood. They’re all one-of-a-kind.

National And International Shipping

We offer both national and international shipping options.

Contact Us Today

Are you looking for beautiful, hand crafted animals? Call us today on 01766890586 or email at shop@beddgelertwoodcraft.com.