Hand Carved Wooden Gifts

Hand Carved Wooden Gifts

What could be more perfect than buying somebody you love a hand carved wooden gift? At Beddgelert Woodcraft, we’ve been selling hand crafted wooden gifts, sourced from professional artisans in Indonesia, for years. With us, you get a huge choice of unique, extraordinary items, ideal when you want to give someone something special.

Our Hand Crafted Wooden Gifts Collection

Our catalogue of hand carved wooden gifts is extensive. We supply all kinds of bespoke gifts: everything from wind chimes to dragons.

Are you buying a gift for somebody who loves gardening? Then why not take a look at our wide selection of hand carved wooden mushrooms, including plain mushrooms and mushrooms with frogs sitting atop the cap?

Do want something for a person who loves beautiful objects in their home? Then why not choose one of our animal-themed doorstops featuring dogs, squirrels and even elephants?

Is there a bird-lover in your life? We also sell a selection of wooden, life-size birds, famous all over the country.

At our shop, you’re bound to find something totally unique. Not only do we have a vast range of handcrafted animals, but we also have much, much more, including many useful items for the home and garden.

Choose us today and get that special person in your life something truly memorable.

Sustainable And Ethical Products

If you're buying for someone who is concerned about sustainability or about ethical sourcing of products, then you’ve come to the right place. At Beddgelert Woodcraft, we take both sustainability and fair trade extremely seriously.

As an ethical business, we work personally with our network of artisans in Indonesia to make sure they get a fair wage for all the work they do. Each item they create receives hours of individual, loving attention and we believe it’s only fair that the person who made it gets adequate compensation.

We’re also committed to sustainability. All our packing is made from recycled paper and cardboard, placing minimal burden on the environment. We don't use plastic packing materials.

Why Buy Hand Carved Wooden Gifts From Us?

Something Unique And Special

When it comes to gifts, you want to be able to tell a story. Mass-produced products are okay, but bespoke handcrafted objects are even better. Each of our hand carved wooden gifts has a history.

Shipping Nationally And Internationally

We can send your gift to any address you like, both nationally and internationally.

Fair Trade

Ideally, you want gifts you give not to have caused hardship of suffering to the person who produced it. We make sure that the artisans who supply our business receive fair compensation for all the products they make. We personally go to Indonesia and speak with the artisans themselves to ensure that they are getting a good deal.

Sustainable Business Model

At Beddgelert, we believe in sustainability. That’s why your gift is packaged in recycled materials.

Contact Us Today

Are you looking for hand carved wooden gifts? Then get in touch with us today on 01766890586 or email at shop@beddgelertwoodcraft.com.