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Wayan's Story - In his own words

"In the year 2000 I graduated from senior high school. I didn’t go to university but started work at a guest house to learn English and tourism. This is where I met Mike, founder of Beddgelert Woodcraft, he stayed with us every time he visited Bali on his buying trips. After the devastating Kuta bombings in 2002 tourism was badly hit and I had to leave my job as there were no visitors.

 Three months later I was fortunate to meet Mike again while he was out walking. The next day he offered me a job... as a translator and to teach him Indonesian. Two years later I bought a secondhand car and for the next few years I was Mike’s driver and translator as we travelled around placing orders. Before his retirement in 2008 he introduced me to Jane, the current owner. I have continued to drive her when she comes on her buying trips, meeting with suppliers.

 The business has grown every year and all the craft producers smile when they see us because they know they will get a big order and I am happy as I see people are able to support their families. They say Jane is the best customer because she helps them with new designs and production.

 I am now a married family man, with 2 sons. I love them and they are my motivation. With Jane’s support I now have a big car and can drive 6 passengers on my specialist tours of the real Bali. I also have a new business, a guesthouse at my home. Chandra House, Ubud - named after my first son.

 I have four rooms to rent, my wife makes delicious meals for our guests and I drive them on tours. Everybody is happy. I have learned how to be a good business man from Mike and Jane. Her business principles are very strong. Working with producers to make new designs. Never pushing the prices down, always making sure the craft people get enough profit to keep their families well and produce the best quality work. She helps the producers to be happy.


I thank them all for their kindness."